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"Don't tumble my rocks"
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Hello whoever visits my page. My name is Tamara but you can call me by my username, if you like. I am a young adult who loves to draw and write.

I am a big Steven Universe and Luigi's mansion fan. My favorite colour is Navy Blue and my favorite animated movie is "Wreak it Ralph".

Commission info- soon


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==What has to be done==

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I see a fluffy kitteh in your ID :XD:
How have you been?? ;w;
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LA-HBM Featured By Owner Edited Dec 4, 2017
Support 1:

1. Nostaw:I like many people like Nostaw and the reason why because I think he's a pretty cool guy to Me, Kirby,and Stacey Carpin.

2. Verdy: I totally like the way he's a leader of the OCs and a BFF of sneaky ;) (Wink)

3. Polterstein:I only read manga sometimes but if he's into manga I'm in but I really like the way he writes in his diary;) (Wink)

4. Wrylock: I think he is the coolest guy ever because he's a cute detective X3

5. Sneaky: One of the coolest OCs in the group for me and kirby.(he's the one calling her pretty. XD)

6. Bubba:I totally like him a lot because the nicest guy in the world!

for NoName-Sami's OCs LMDM ( hope you guys like it)

also for NoName-Sami
Kirby:We didn't forget the OCs/FCs we're making it 

Minireena:When I saw all of your art my mind was blown!!!
Support 2:
Bendy:Listen to me you're cute in real life and I don't wanna here a no I'm not cute cause that's not true of you believe in yourself become a girl your suppose to be!
Support 3:
1. Taylor: I think I like that person a lot as a friend! Come to think of it since we all of us OCs/FCs know NN-S I think her OCs/FCs know us as well!

2. Yellow-Toad: I have been thinking does she watch JaidenAnimations because I think she does!

3. Zaru: I think Sally probably knows that we're just trying to help her out "zaru"! We're not trying to hurt her feelings or anything "zaru"! So if she needs a friend she can go to Me,LA-HBM,Taylor A. Betta,and Stacey "zaru"!

4. Me: I have been a fan of her for so long I think I'm stuck with her! Also every time I see her art it gives me ideas on what I'm gonna draw!

5. Bendy: I have been In love with her for 5 years and I can't stop,thinking about her like what the heck sami what did you do to me (AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!)

6. Stacey: I know why LA-HBM and NoName-Sami are a look alike it's because there hair is the same color but there inches aren't the same.

7. Kirby: Well it's hard to say what I like about her.
Support 4:
Bendy:Sally is a really cute teenager that is Sweet,Paranoid,and General Anxiety. But for me I have 5 feelings about her life there:Good,Bad,Scary,Exciting,and Paranoid. I have a bad feeling that Sally's parents aren't very Nice,Supportive,or Kind enough to her because she's just a Poor girl who stresses School and Needs new friends which I think she needs more love and Care.

Kirby and Zaru: I think NN-S's art is a Miracle like its a dream come true!I love the way she draw's "zaru"!

Me and Stacey Carpin:I love her stuff and I like her art still"XD"!I haven't seen Anime's like the way she colors LA-HBM is trying her best to be like her!
De blob:I really like the colors and that's why I'm the leader of DA it's because of the Colors and Bendy is the Leader of the Sketch!

Minireena:I just want to say that I love to see cool art and that pretty NN-S!

Toad Brothers: I don't know about bendy that much because I'm not a BATIM OCs. I grew only wanting to help out people.I just go Crazy sometimes!
Support 5:
1. Her art always gives me great ideas on what I'm draw!!!:D (Big Grin)

2. People never supported you or your OCs/FCs before so that is why I support you.:) (Smile);) (Wink)

3. I'm a really awesome friend to ya.

4. Sally if you wanna hear what you want to hear. You can always ask.

5. So BATIM chapter-3 is hear so what did you think?!
Support 6:
Sally Taylor:

1. Karaoke-Toadette,Magnet-Toad,Phantom-Toad,Stacey,and Bendy: Sally dear you should listen to me for once because I am Karaoke-Toadette sparkling beauty of the Dastardly Toads and We're  here to help you! I will help her as well as I should after she's just paranoid because she didn't meet us yet! I see that she's scared,Paranoid,and she's afraid to die but if she listens to us she won't die Mwwahahahahahahaha!!!!! I agree with P-T if she listens to us she will be alive for the day!;) (Wink) Will do our best!:) (Smile)

2. BloodyBunny: I maybe a plush bunny who is bloody but I think I could be her partner an anemia partner I also give her AB+ BloodBags in case she runs out.

3. Me and Taylor: I think she would be a lot more cool,and cute if she wears cool and cute outfits! I wanna be her BFF!

4. Blue-Toad: I don't know how say this but... Sally I-I... I love you! I just really have a crush on her because she Cool,Cute,Pretty,Gentle,and really Hot!

5. Zaru and Yellow-Toad:I really wanna be her Save Me! Lollipop-pet,partner,friend,helper,and saver even thought I'm a lollipop sorcerers helper from the wizard land is! I'm a toad who does fun stuff and does anything what Sally and my mined says!:D (Big Grin)
Mr.and Ms. Taylor: 

1. Zaru: Listen to me "zaru" your parents have made a bad choice as they always do! They went to a money boss( and I don't mean a loan-shark) he told them that if you guys hate your daughter you will have $5,000,000,000,000,000 and the science doctor Mr. Kellertoon has put in a position to hate they're daughter Sally he even gave them a big bag of them! And I'm doing everything in my power to protect her and were gonna deal with them! All of us are gonna deal with them "zaru" and Sally please believe me!

2. BloodyBunny: They are going down!

3. Karaoke-Toadette,Magnet-Toad,and Phantom-Toad: We're all gonna expose there secret and there not gonna escape my melody Hahahahahahah! I'm gonna crush them into little pieces! There not letting her make friends because they're trying to kill her!

4. Stacey and Kirby: Group of friends,team everything,LA-HBM,NoName-Sami,and the Dastardly Toads let's go! We're gonna deal with them Tomorrow!

5. Blue-Toad: No one be's mean to my Sally!
her scratch!: 

1. Me and Stacey: Is she alright?! Her poor face was bleeding!

2. BloodyBunny: //puts bandaids on your face// it will heal!

3. Zaru: She really needs to be safe!

4. Phantom-Toad: She must stay with us and never die from the scratch!

5. Blue-Toad: feel better!:) (Smile)
her reactions:

1. Yellow-Toad and Stacey: Does she love LA-HBM's artwork of her?! She wouldn't freak out about me right?

2. Zaru: How was her reaction on me?!

3. Me: I bet she didn't know that Sammy looks like Sally but a boy!

4. Taylor: Was she crying after LA-HBM told her about her parents?!:( (Sad)

5. Red-Toad and Phantom-Toad: How would she feel if we made FanArt and Plushes of her?! She is very sweet from the inside!
Voice and Love bug!

1. Stacey: I think her voice so cute like her voice is Aqua bombers voice!

2. Blue-Toad: please be me!

3. Me: please tell us what you sound like!

4. Red-Toad: Blue thinks your Hot!

5. Zaru: I love you my friend!
1. Zaru's note: Please let me help you!
2. Kirby's plan: We're gonna go to her house. BloodyBunny will break the door down and will get her parents good!(this Friday after School)
3. Phantom-Toad: Oar anoxic means if you don't make friends you could die!
4. Taylor: Please love the artwork we did!
5. Me: are the Mario bros on your side?
Support 7:
Sally Taylor:

1. BloodyBunny and Zaru: I feel like she doesn't see me because every time LA-HBM comments to her and she does reply back to me or her. Not that she is busy but I think I need to be with some of her art and support her more also just because I'm a plush bunny who is Bloody doesn't mean I'm not on her side because I'm on her side also Sally really needs friends,buddies,Love,support,and a doll. She's a really cute girl I mean it! I sometimes have feelings for Sally "zaru" I can't bare her parents.

2. Blue-Toad,Red-Toad,and Yellow-Toad: I really am in love with Ms. Sally because she's really cute,lovely,sweet,A star,and also she's really Hot! I like how Sally's her style is because it's so anime awesome! I make a lot of figures,Plushes,Anime/Manga's,Posters,and Fan-Art of her!:D (Big Grin)

3. Taylor,Me,and Kirby: All it matters is that Sally is awesome and pretty. I feel like I made her cry after I told her about her parents ;.;. I gonna keep an I on Sally because her parents are Lier Lier pants on fires!

4. Bendy: I really wanna see her be a sweet and Cute girl and I'll let
LA-HBM,Taylor,BloodyBunny,Me,and Sally our life.:) (Smile)

5. Karaoke-Toadette,Magnet-Toad,and Phantom-Toad: Ohohohohohoh! I think Sally dear is so beautiful it should be a crime. I hope doesn't call me Little! I see that she's oar anoxic,and paranoid which it is normal because she's not getting as much love. Come Sally let me see you fight like a warrior.

For :iconnoname-sami:

(Also: :iconneonneoz:,:iconhuskyrbtorchick:,:iconpoltergeistforever:,:iconlonely-spectreon:,and :iconjustin1029:    This the Support she Gets!!! HomeBoy!!!)

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